August 14

How Dental Implants Work

Single Tooth Implant

This diagram depicts the use of a dental implant used to replace a single missing tooth.

Comparison of Natural Tooth and Single Tooth Implant Replacement

The natural tooth and single tooth diagram show a comparison between a natural tooth restored with a dental crown (left), and a dental implant restored with a single tooth implant crown (right). When done correctly, both should be indistinguishable from a natural, unrestored tooth.

How Dental Implants Work

This dental implant diagram depicts the process of dental implant placement and restoration.

Example Implant Bridge

 An example of single tooth implant restorations, and an implant bridge.

Implant Crown Vs. Conventional Bridge

The Implant Crown vs Conventional Bridge diagram shows replacement of a single premolar tooth with both a conventional bridge and single tooth implant.  When teeth on either side of a missing tooth are unrestored or have small fillings, a single tooth implant is the most conservative long-term treatment option, which also allows flossing to be done similar to a natural tooth.


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What Are Dental Implants Made Of?

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