Dental Fillings In Missoula, MT

Even with great oral hygiene and dental care, it’s possible that you may develop a cavity. If you experience tooth sensitivity, or mild to sharp pain when eating or drinking something sweet, it’s better to be safe than sorry! At Meng Dentistry we encourage our patients to take action at the first sign of cavities! We are here to help and our primary goal is to keep our patients healthy and cavity-free!

Dental Fillings At Meng Dentistry:

Tooth-colored bonded composite resin fillings are typically the first choice of material in esthetic areas of the mouth. Additionally, they often offer the dentist the ability to keep the size of the filing much more conservative in certain situations, which is always preferred when possible. These fillings are more technique sensitive to place and are not as predictable long-term in certain situations, and therefore are not always the first choice of material for every situation.

Despite any negative information you may have heard related to silver fillings, much scientific research has been focused on the material over the past two decades which provide evidence to its safety, and the American Dental Association continues to endorse it as a safe, strong, and cost-effective material. We still recommend and use silver fillings routinely in the back of the mouth when cost is an issue, or in situations where tooth-colored fillings are not as predictable.


  • Halting progression of decay by repairing the damaged tooth
  • Prevent further deterioration of the tooth
  • Restoring the tooth's normal function and appearance
  • Providing a barrier against harmful bacteria


What is a cavity?

A cavity is a small hole that forms inside the tooth because of tooth decay. Cavities form when plaque buildup on the outside of the tooth combines with sugars and starches in the food you eat. This produces an acid that can eat away the enamel on your tooth.

If a cavity is left untreated, it can lead to more serious oral health problems. Cavities can be prevented by remembering to brush your teeth at least two times a day and floss between teeth at least once.

How do I know if I need a filling?

If you have started noticing one or a few of the following on your teeth, then you may need a filling or two in your oral cavity:

  • Blackish or brownish lesion seen on the enamel of a tooth
  • A hole or cavity on the tooth (usually seen on the occlusal or biting surfaces of molars)
  • Large pits and fissures
  • Chipped edges and worn down margins
  • Minor dental fractures
  • Unwanted gaps between the teeth, compromising smile aesthetics

The decayed portion of the tooth is first removed using a hand piece and a clean cavity is created. This cavity is then dried and the material of choice is filling into it. The material is then shaped in a way that it matches the natural contours of the tooth, and is then allowed to set and harden. If you think you may have a cavity and might need a filling, call our office to schedule an appointment to have your tooth evaluated.

How much do fillings cost?

Exact pricing for your treatment can only be determined after an exam with one of our highly trained and qualified dentists. No matter what your dental needs, we'll work with you to fit costs into your budget & most treatment costs can be spread over time with low monthly payments. At Meng Dentistry we strive to help you maximize your insurance benefits & minimize your out-of-pocket costs. We offer cash discounts for payments made in full as well as simple, flexible financing options that fit YOUR budget.

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