IV Sedation in Missoula, MT

Intravenous (IV) Sedation refers to the administering of an anti-anxiety drug used for patient comfort during certain dental procedures. Since this solution is delivered directly to your bloodstream, both Dr. Joe Meng and Dr. Graham Meng can easily control your level of dental sedation and dental anesthesia, and any adjustment will have immediate results. Contact us today to learn more about IV sedation and how it can benefit you!

IV Sedation At Meng Dentistry:

IV sedation requires highly trained and certified professionals to perform the service. Here at Meng Dentistry we are the only restorative dental office that provides IV sedation in house. While some dental offices do offer IV sedation, they will bring in a local anesthesiologist which in return, results in a higher cost. Almost 50% of surgeries performed at Meng Dentistry are done using IV sedation. If you find yourself needing major dental work that you have put off, you can choose to be sedated and have all of your problems solved in one sitting and wake up to a brand new smile!

Eliminate Dental Anxiety with IV Sedation

If you experience fear or anxiety when going to the dentist, you are not alone.  Far too many people let their fear of the dentist prevent them from getting dental care.  IV sedation dentistry is a safe and effective technique which allows you to have your dental treatment while in a state of complete relaxation, without pain, anxiety, or fear.  IV sedation is also very beneficial for patients who have a gag reflux or ergonomic issues, such as vertigo, which make dentistry difficult to accomplish comfortably.

IV conscious sedation (also known as “twilight sedation”) is a very controlled sedation done by intravenous drip In the arm with a sedative drug or combination of drugs. This is the most controllable technique, as it can quickly and easily be adjusted to the patient’s body type, tolerance levels, and depth of sedation desired, as all patients respond to medications differently. 

This technique produces the deepest sedation and relaxation. Even though patients are kept responsive, they have very little, if any, the memory of the experience. Although the procedure and drugs are very safe, the patient’s blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen level, breathing, and heart electrical activity (EKG) are monitored as part of our safe standard of care. Patients quickly recover and walk out of the office with very little awareness of the time spent in the dental procedure. Dental patients must be escorted from the office by a responsible party after IV sedation, are restricted to limited activities, and may not drive for the rest of the day.

Could I Benefit from Sedation?

  • Do I feel anxious about going to the dentist?
  • Is it uncomfortable to keep my mouth open for long periods of time?
  • Do I fear the dentist or have a dental phobia?
  • Do I have major dental work to be done that I have put off?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, call us today to discuss your options for IV sedation and be on your way to a better smile.


How is IV sedation different from oral sedation?

Although oral sedation can be successful in some patients, its effects are relatively unpredictable because all patients digest and respond differently to oral medications. Unlike oral sedation, use of an IV allows the provider to administer an ideal amount of medication to achieve the desired result, with the ability to quickly and safely adjust your state of relaxation, using a combination of fast-acting medications.  The IV also allows administration of several other medications to make the patient more comfortable after the appointment.  

How is IV sedation different from Nitrous Oxide or Laughing Gas?

Nitrous Oxide is mostly used for paediatric surgeries, as well as short-duration procedures for adults.  Similar to oral sedation, nitrous oxide may have different effects on different patients. The IV route is our preferred method for providing patients with sedation is safe, effective, and predictable, especially when dealing with anxious patients.

How much does IV sedation cost?

At Meng Dentistry we offer IV sedation at a flat fee of $350. Since our dental professionals are certified to perform this procedure in-house, our patients don’t need to pay for a local anesthesiologist and have the worry of a hefty bill when they walk out of the door. Instead they can rest assured that not only their care is in the best hands, but their financials are as well.

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