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If you are missing teeth or your teeth are damaged beyond repair, you might not feel confident in your smile, but you might be hesitant to get dentures if you still have some healthy teeth or you are worried about comfort. That is where implant overdentures come in.

These innovative dentures use your remaining teeth or dental implants to support your new dental prostheses so you can improve the health and appearance of your smile. If you are looking for the premier provider of overdentures in Missoula, contact the team at Meng Dentistry to see how our cosmetic dentists and prosthodontists can help enhance your quality of life.

Why Meng Dentistry Should Be Your Choice For Overdentures

There is no one more qualified to help you get the overdentures you need to improve your smile. Find out why our patients in Missoula & Western Montana continue to trust the team at Meng Dentistry.

Benefits of Overdentures

Experienced Cosmetic Dentists & Prosthodontists

Prosthodontics is a highly specialized area of dentistry that requires an additional three years of training. At Meng Dentistry, we are proud to have some of the area’s leading prosthodontists on staff to provide exceptional care.

All Our Overdentures Made On-Premise

We make all our overdentures right here in our office. This means you will always have the support of qualified dental lab specialists to ensure that your overdentures fit and function properly, look natural, and feel comfortable.

Friendly, Patient-Centered Care

We understand that some dental procedures come with some discomfort. That is why we work with each individual patient to ensure that you know all your treatment and pain management options. Our top priority is your comfort.

Comprehensive Dental Services

At Meng Dentistry, we are more than a cosmetic dental practice. We offer all the dental services you need under one roof, so you have one team to serve all your oral health needs. Our services included general dentistry and cleaning, emergency care, veneers, and more.

Who Is a Candidate for Implant Overdentures?

Many people can benefit from overdentures. They are ideal for people who have some healthy teeth remaining or existing dental implants. They may benefit people who:

  • Have missing or severely damaged teeth
  • Are looking for a more comfortable & stable alternative to dentures
  • Want to improve speech that is impacted by missing teeth
  • Want to restore chewing function
  • Want to boost their self-confidence

Benefits of Implant Overdentures

Overdentures are a popular smile restoration treatment for many reasons. Many people prefer overdentures to traditional dentures because they tend to be more comfortable and offer enhanced function. Discover more great reasons to ask your dental provider about overdentures:

  • Improve your ability to eat and speak properly
  • Reduce the appearance of premature aging
  • Allow you to comfortably enjoy all your favorite foods
  • Provide more stability and comfort than traditional dentures
  • Reduced the need for denture adhesive & time spent applying it
  • Enhance the appearance of your smile
  • Boost self-confidence
  • Improve overall health and wellbeing
benefits of overdentures

If you want to learn more about the benefits of overdentures, be sure to ask the team at Meng Dentistry for guidance. We are happy to answer any questions.

Types of Implant Overdentures

At Meng Dentistry, we offer a wide range of options when it comes to overdentures. Each solution is tailored to your specific needs. Learn more about our different overdentures types.

Removable Implant Dentures

Removable overdentures use dental implants to stabilize your upper and/or lower dentures. Snap-on dentures can easily be removed and offer many of the benefits of traditional dentures, but are more stable due to the anchors.

Mini Implant Dentures

This type of overdenture uses mini dental implants to stabilize upper and/or lower dentures. Mini implants may be preferred in some instances because the procedure to insert them into the jaw is less invasive and may provide a quicker healing time.

Permanent Implant Overdentures

Fixed overdentures are designed to permanently stay in place. They can provide maximum stability and are less invasive than other tooth restoration procedures. Ideal for people who don’t want to worry about removable dentures.

Implant Overdenture Results

Want to see how implant overdentures can improve the appearance and function of your smile? 

Check out the case studies with before and after photos of some of our patients.

Implant Prostheses For Rotten Teeth & Tooth Pain

Full Mouth Reconstruction To Replace Dentures

Implant Prostheses To Fix Crown & Bridge Issues

Fixed Implant Reconstruction For Failing Dentition

What is the Overdenture Procedure Process?

step 1

Initial Consultation

During our initial consultation, we will determine how we will stabilize your overdentures. This may include using existing teeth or inserting dental implants.

step 2

Dental Implant Surgery

If we decide to use dental implants, we will have to insert the anchors. Once they are placed, they will need some time to heal before inserting the prosthetic teeth.

step 3

Creating Your Dental Prostheses

All our overdentures are created in our office and custom-fitted to your mouth to maximize comfort and function.

step 4

Fitting Your Overdenture

After your overdenture is complete, we will fit it and adjust it to ensure it is perfect for your mouth. Once it is in, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of your new teeth!

Overdenture FAQs:

Are Overdentures Comfortable?

Overdentures tend to be more comfortable than dentures and are preferred by many patients. At Meng Dentistry, we are able to maximize your comfort as our lab technicians are on-premise to ensure a proper fit.

How Much Do Implant Overdentures Cost?

Each patient is different and may need different procedures to prepare your new dental prostheses. We will work with you and offer affordable financing to help you get the care you need.

Does Insurance Cover Overdentures?

Depending on your plan and coverage, your insurance may cover part or all of your overdentures. We work with the top providers in the state to make quality dental care accessible to many families.

What Type of Dentist Does Overdentures?

Overdenture procedures are performed by a prosthodontist, a dentist that specializes in prosthetic teeth. This is a very specialized area of dentistry that requires three years of additional schooling.

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