Implant Dentures In Missoula, MT

Whether you’re concerned about the aesthetic aspect of your smile, or dental functionality – this procedure guarantees both with a strong new smile that stays in place. Our prosthodontists are specialists in replacement teeth and dentures while also being licensed dentists. Our implant supported dentures will leave you with a permanent and comfortable natural looking smile that lasts!

Implant Dentures At Meng Dentistry:

Implant overdentures are dentures which utilize dental implants for retention and support.  Typically, 4 or 6 single implants can be used to support and secure an upper overdenture, while 2 or 4 implants will be utilized to secure a lower denture.  Commonly, use of 4 or 6 implants on the upper jaw, will allow removal of the palate portion of the denture, which offers a more comfortable feel for the patient, and allows more taste sensation.

At Meng Dentistry implant dentures is one of our specialities. Our board certified prothostodonists have extensive background and training in teeth replacement. Call today to learn how you can benefit from implant dentures!


  • This option preserves gum tissue and bone
  • Implant-supported dentures are sturdy and don’t need adhesive
  • They function more like natural teeth
  • They are screwed in, and don’t come out
Implant Dentures


Am I a candidate for implant dentures?

Implant-supported dentures are a great option for individuals who are seeking an affordable option to significantly improve their ability to chew and smile.Patients who would otherwise require a full set of dentures can opt for Non-Removable Implant Dentures/Fixed Implant Dentures/Hybrid Prosthesis/ All On 4.  This has become the most popular worldwide option for patients missing all their teeth.Call us today to make your appointment and talk to one of our dental professionals to see if implant dentures are right for you!

What are the options for implant dentures?

Removable implant prosthetics or implant dentures, come in a variety of options. Read our blog here to learn more. 

How much do implant dentures cost?

Exact pricing for your treatment can only be determined after an exam with one of our highly trained and qualified dentists. No matter what your dental needs, we'll work with you to fit costs into your budget & most treatment costs can be spread over time with low monthly payments. At Meng Dentistry we strive to help you maximize your insurance benefits & minimize your out-of-pocket costs. We offer cash discounts for payments made in full as well as simple, flexible financing options that fit YOUR budget.

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