Composite Bonded Restorations in Missoula, MT

At Meng Dentistry we invite you to contact our office to learn more about dental bonding. In most cases, all it takes is a single visit to complete bonding work and boost confidence! Dental bonding offers excellent shade matching, bond strength and physical properties that closely mimic natural teeth while helping to create a brighter, more aesthetically pleasing smile without the use of prosthetics like dentures or tooth implants.

Composite Bonding At Meng Dentistry:

Did you know that cosmetic smile makeovers don’t always drill a hole through your wallet? Composite Dental Bonding can be used to fix minor imperfection of your teeth to make them look good as new WITHOUT invasive surgery! At Meng Dentistry, you can be assured your composite bonding restoration utilizes the most state-of-the-art material and innovative techniques available. Our board-certified prosthodontists have spent over 6,000 hours in advanced training beyond dental school to specialize in natural-looking cosmetic restorations with optimal fit and functionality. Intrigued? Give us a call today to learn more!

Makeover Your Smile With Composite Bonding

Composite Bonding isn’t just used for restoring teeth that have been destroyed by caries or tooth decay. The material is highly versatile and has been making waves in the dental cosmetic industry for over a decade now. If you have a gap between your teeth, or if there are shape/size discrepancies between your teeth, or perhaps there is a chipped tooth that you aren’t very fond of because it compromises the appearance of your smile – then cosmetic bonding is the perfect treatment for you. 

Composite bonded restorations refer to all restorations of chipped edges, uneven or worn margins, pits, diastemas (gaps between teeth), minor fractures, and small cavities using a resin-based tooth coloured dental material. Composites have made other filling materials obsolete owing to their unmatched versatility and ease of use. Bonding has also become a rather popular cosmetic dental procedure because it can fix minor irregularities of the smile in a single visit, giving you a complete, non-surgical makeover.

Composite is filled into a prepared cavity in the form of small increments. The material is then made to resemble the natural shape of the tooth. Once this has been achieved, the material is set in place using a curing light. These materials do have limits to the forces that they will withstand and, therefore, some precautions are advised. In general, any food or object that can break a natural tooth can also cause premature failure of a restoration. This pertains to foods such as ice, hard nuts, jerky, and frozen foods such as candy bars. Habits such as non-protected tooth grinding, biting fingernails, etc. are common sources of tooth fracture and restorative failure.


  • Get a new smile fast and affordably
  • Perfectly matched to blend in with your natural teeth
  • 100% non-toxic and completely bio-compatible
  • Avoid more costly and drastic procedures


Is there any warranty or replacement guarantee for composite restorations?

We will replace any restoration during the following year at no charge, (if a bond fails) unless from trauma or abuse. The following two years we will prorate the fee at the time of replacement. I.e. in year 1-2, you would pay 33% of the current fee, year 2-3 66% of the replacement fee would be assessed and full replacement costs after three years.

How long will a cosmetic fix done using composites last?

It is important to remember that cosmetic fixes done using composites are vulnerable to damage especially when subjected to excessive force or pressure. If you are looking for a more permanent fix to problems such as diastemas, sizing discrepancies and minor fractures, we suggest you opt for orthodontic treatments, and crowns. If you maintain good oral hygiene, seek treatment for habits that can cause tooth wear, and avoid food and beverages that can potentially harm the restorations, a composite filling can last for a decade or more. It does require regular cleaning and maintenance, which will be part of your routine check-up and clean visits at Meng Dentistry.

How much does composite bonding cost?

At Meng Dentistry, we have in-house specialty dentists and our own dental lab on site, which allows us to offer high quality full or partial dentures at an affordable cost. It also means you get one total cost up front - transparent treatment plans with no hidden costs. Exact pricing for your treatment can only be determined after an exam with one of our highly trained and qualified dentists. The average cost of partial or full denture solutions can vary widely depending on the complexity of your case and whether additional procedures are needed. We offer free, no-obligation consultation, you’ll get one-on-one guidance from an experienced prosthodontist. We’ll work together to create your individual treatment plan, customized to meet your unique oral health needs and goals.  No matter what your dental needs, we'll work with you to fit costs into your budget & most treatment costs can be spread over time with low monthly payments.

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