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How Much Do Denture Implants Cost on Average?

Thinking about getting denture implants? Wondering how much they'll cost you? You're reading the right article!

Below, we're going to go into the specifics of denture implants cost, helping you get an idea as to what your financial obligation will be.

Ready? Let's get started! 

The Cost of Denture Implants

The cost of denture implants can vary wildly based on a number of factors. At a minimum, you can expect to pay at least $5,000. However, in some cases, patients end up paying as much as $30,000. 

On average, you can expect to pay around $8,000. Note, however, that you should call up your local dentist and ask for an estimate before setting anything in stone. Your dentist will perform an assessment of your teeth and jaws and determine a ballpark price for the procedure. 

Factors That Affect the Cost of Denture Implants

As noted above, there are a number of factors that can affect the cost of denture implants. We're going to review the most prominent of these factors below. 

The Type of Implant You Receive

There are two types of dental implants: traditional implants and mini implants. Depending on the type you receive, you could pay more or less for your procedure overall. 

Traditional implants cost between $1,500 and $2,200 per implant. In a typical denture implant procedure, you would need 4 of these implants, resulting in a cost between $6,000 and $9,000. 

Mini implants cost between $500 and $1,500 per implant. In a procedure requiring 4 implants, this would come out to between $2,000 and $6,000 overall. 

Mini implants are designed for those who once wouldn't have been able to undergo denture implant procedures. Namely, they're for those with weak jaw bones.

The issue is that they themselves are weaker than traditional implants, and therefore need to be replaced over and over again. Because of this, they can end up costing more in the long run. 

So, while mini implants may be a necessity for you, traditional implants are the ideal choice. 

The Number of Implants You Need

Not every patient requires the same number of implants in order to secure the dentures. While most patients need 4 implants, some might require 6 or even 8. As was noted above, each additional implant adds somewhere between $500 and $2,200. 

How can you determine how many implants you need for your procedure? By seeing a dentist. They'll perform an assessment and determine the number of implants required. 

The Quality of the Denture Received

Not all dentures are created equal. As such, their costs can fluctuate greatly. The cheapest dentures tend to cost a few hundred dollars. The most expensive dentures tend to cost a few thousand dollars. 

You'll get to make a choice of the type of dentures you want to purchase. Just note that the more expensive dentures will last longer, and therefore might end up being cheaper over time. 

Procedures Leading Up to the Implant Procedure

Not every patient's mouth is ready for an implant procedure. Some patients need to have other work done prior to the procedure so that the procedure is effective in the long term. 

For instance, you might need to have your teeth extracted. Or, you might need to have a bone graft for your jaw. These procedures cost thousands of dollars and will, of course, add to your overall cost. 

Do You Need Denture Implants?

Now that you know about the cost of denture implants, you might be wondering whether you really need them. Some of the signs that you can benefit from denture implants include the following.

Would You Like a Permanent Tooth Replacement?

There are both temporary and permanent tooth replacement options available. If you're looking for a permanent option, denture implants are a good way to go. 

Now, you will likely still have to replace the denture component of the implant from time to time. However, the implants themselves should stay in your jaws for the rest of your life. 

Were you to get bridges or crowns, you would have to have them replaced every 7 to 10 years. 

Are You Missing a Large Number of Teeth?

Another question to ask is whether you're missing a large number of teeth. If you're only missing a few teeth, a denture implant is not necessary. If you're missing most of your teeth, however, a denture implant is arguably the best way to go. 

There are other options available for the replacement of singular teeth. For instance, a dental implant would allow you to implant only a single tooth. Or, you could use bridges as a temporary option. 

Are Your Teeth Highly Decayed?

If your teeth are highly decayed, it's generally better to have them removed than to try and reverse the decay. Not only is it better for the functionality of the teeth but for the aesthetics of the teeth as well.

Once they're removed, you can replace them with either removable dentures or a denture implant. If you want them to last forever, and if you want to avoid intensive maintenance, going with denture implants is the ideal option. 

Do Your Teeth Shift When Pressed On?

Another sign that you might need denture implants is that your teeth shift when pressed on. For instance, if you press your tongue against your teeth, you might feel them move in your gums. Generally speaking, this is a sign that they need to be extracted. 

Once they're extracted, you can choose either temporary or permanent dentures. The permanent option is, of course, denture implants.

Do You Have Toothaches on a Regular Basis?

One of the most alarming signs of extreme tooth decay is toothaches. These are, of course, shooting pains that appear at random. If they're happening on a regular basis, your teeth are almost certainly highly decayed. 

Now, these might not necessarily call for a tooth extraction. However, they always call for going to the dentist. Once there, your dentist will assess your teeth and decide whether you need dentures. 

Do You Have Inflamed Gums?

Another sign that you might need to have your teeth extracted is that your gums are inflamed. In other words, they're red, swollen, and painful.

If your gums are experiencing extreme periodontitis, there's a good chance that your teeth won't last the long haul. In that case, your only option would be to have them removed and replaced with dentures. 

Understanding the Denture Implant Process

Now, you might want to know a little something about the denture implant process. Generally speaking, it goes like this:

Dentist Assessment

First, your dentist will perform an assessment of your teeth. This is done to determine whether a denture implant is really necessary. Unless your teeth need to be extracted, or unless you're already missing a large portion of teeth, a denture implant probably isn't necessary. 

You might instead benefit from a single dental implant or even a bridge. If none of your teeth need to be extracted, other procedures will be carried out instead, for instance, a cavity filling or a root canal.

Implant Installation

At your next appointment, the implant will be implanted in your jaw. Depending on the size of your denture, you'll need somewhere between 1 and 4 implants. 

Once these have been set in place, they'll need a few months in order for the jaw bone to grow strongly around them. During this time, your dentist might place a temporary and synthetic cap over the implants for aesthetic purposes.

Denture Installation

At your last appointment, the dentures will be added to the rods that were implanted into your jaws. These dentures are meant to last for years, and will rarely ever need to be replaced.

During this appointment, your dentist will tell you how to care for your dentures. They will also provide you with answers to any questions you might have about the future of your dentures. 

The Dentures Are Assessed During Checkups

Over the years, you'll need to attend continuous appointments to ensure that your dentures are still in proper working order. While they're meant to last for the rest of your life, they could very well encounter problems at one point or another.

These problems will need to be dealt with, lest bigger problems occur as a result. 

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