Full Mouth Reconstruction to Fix Tooth Wear and Grinding

Treatment Process

Examination of the teeth demonstrates moderate tooth wear into the dentin (the soft part of the tooth) on some teeth. Questioning of the patient, medical and dental history reveals previous bulimia, and presently gastric reflux and tooth clenching/grinding. The clinical presentation of the tooth wear was consistent with this history. In lieu of the tooth wear etiologies, the patient had experienced some minor bite collapse and slight shifting of teeth, which caused an uneven bite.

Because this patient demonstrated a past history of tooth grinding, the major chewing surface of the upper back teeth was made in metal, (a gold alloy), as to have a higher strength and longevity in a patient who tends to place heavier forces on her teeth/ the particular design, however, prevents esthetics from being compromised. The four lower teeth receive porcelain veneer restorations.

Final crowns/veneers in place.

Rehabilitated smile.

Current dental ceramic technology allows natural internal color effects and translucency of natural teeth to be closely mimicked.

Because the patient demonstrated a previous guiding history, she was provided with award night guard to be worn nightly during sleep, to protect her crowns from damage if she continued to grind - we always assume that a patient who has ground their teeth in the past, will continue to do so in the future!

Final smile!

The most appropriate treatment to address this patient’s problems is a full mouth reconstruction with crowns, to re-establish proper esthetics, function, and bite stability. Before any irreversible treatment was performed, an esthetic “mock up” was made out of plastic, and tied over the patients front teeth, to get an idea of how much tooth length would need to be added to provide an appropriately youthful smile. Notice how the curve of the patient's front teeth now parallels her lower lip.

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