Porcelain Veneers to Fix Wear and Spacing Issues

Treatment Process

This case demonstrates conservative veneer treatment to address significant wear issues and tooth malpositions. Applying veneers to the bicuspid teeth allows for rounding and symmetry to the smile. The tooth malpositions had accelerated the wear pattern so that the incisors were translucent.

Tooth wear accelerated by tooth position.

See through enamel is experiencing continued chipping due to the thin structure.

Lateral views often display wear issues more dramatically.

Comparison of improvement of contour and color. Some minor direct bonding on the lower incisors rebalances worn edges against the upper incisors.

Lateral view now has a favorable balance with the lip.

Comparison of lateral views demonstrating improved balance of smile.

Final smile and contour changes of veneers solves issues of wear and tooth malposition while maintaining healthy enamel.

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