Prototype Bonding and Veneers to Fix Wear and Grinding

Treatment Process

This case has severe enamel breakdown from a combination of acid wear, bruxism, and a bicycle wreck, fracturing the weakened enamel. As in all complex cases, we fabricate a wax design, test it in bonding, then convert to porcelain. The bonded functional prototype is used so that the posterior teeth and lower anterior teeth are temporized in the prototype material then remaining treatment is segmented over time.

Long term wear issues were more susceptible to fracture in the bicycle accident.

Wrap around veneers (taco shell) conserve remaining enamel and reestablish original contours.

Dramatic smile improvement.

Lower incisors have prototype bonding in place and will be converted to porcelain veneers at a later phase. This allows for all aspects of the final design to be established.

View demonstrating wrap around effect of taco shell veneer.

Back to the bicycle!

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