Dental Veneers to Fix Wear Due to Grinding

Treatment Process

Tooth form and natural resting lip length, altered by tooth grinding habits resulting in shortening of the natural smile profile with weakened incisal edges, are now susceptible to chipping and more rapid breakdown.  The posterior teeth also are more susceptible to wear without the protection of anterior guidance. This is the most common reason for needed restorative treatment of incisors in adults.

Slide (wax-up) Dr. Vince Meng creates the desired final result in sculpted wax on diagnostic models. Utilizing photos, deficiencies in length and form are recreated to blend with the functional requirements of the bite: hence, each case is custom designed to achieve the desired individual outcome for form and function.

Transitional restorations are created out of dental plastic to test that the desired design meets all the requirements prior to prescribing the contours to the dental laboratory. 

Two weeks after placement, the finely finished restoration has excellent tissue adaptation and natural appearance. One of the biggest advantages of veneers over crown restoration is the ability to add strength without sacrificing valuable tooth structure.

Veneers now recreate natural smile lip support.

Only 4 teeth are treated in this example with vital bleaching of the adjacent canine teeth. Smile profile can be further enhanced if and when posterior restorations are indicated for replacement.

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