Dental Implants to Restore a Smile

Treatment Process

In this situation the left maxillary canine is in lateral incisor position creating disproportionate tooth arrangement. The over retained primary canine in the bicuspid position is lost with a dental implant planned for replacement. Orthodontics could have achieved ideal spacing and alignment but in this situation a simpler approach is utilized. The canine in the lateral incisor position is reshaped and bonded to resemble a lateral incisor. The dental implant is then placed appropriately.

Dental bonding and stripping to give canine and incisor like contour; implant temporary in place to allow for tissue maturation.

Transitional in place to form tissue adjacent to bonded lateral incisor. Several weeks is allowed for the tissue to mature. 

Eight weeks later tissue has matured and the final impression is taken off the implant site.

Final restoration in place.

Although proportions are not identical the frontal smile view demonstrates improved balance of esthetics and function. Although orthodontics would have achieved slightly improved esthetics, the final result is pleasing and functional.

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