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What Are Overdentures? An Overview

Tooth loss is surprisingly common. Less than half of Americans between the ages of 20 and 64 have all of their adult teeth. One in five seniors is missing all of their teeth.

If you are looking for a restoration to replace lost teeth, you have several options. Overdentures provide unique benefits for patients who wish to retain their natural chewing ability.

Are you wondering, "What is an overdenture?" You came to the right place! Read on to learn about the different types of dentures, overdenture cost, and other important facts about dentures. 

What are overdentures

What Is An Overdenture?

An overdenture is a type of dental prosthesis that replaces several missing teeth or an entire arch. The restoration matches the color and luster of your natural teeth, meaning few people, if any, will be able to tell that your smile isn't completely natural.

What makes an overdenture unique is that it fits "over" remaining natural teeth or one or more dental implants. This makes an overdenture a unique tooth-loss solution. To help you make the right decision when choosing a quality prosthesis, let's explore your other denture options.

Traditional Full Dentures

For many decades, the most common restoration for lost teeth was a removable denture. The prosthetics are typically fabricated from acrylic, metal, and other durable materials. The base of a full denture is pink so it blends in with your natural gums.

Removable dentures rely on suction and an adhesive compound to remain in place. While full dentures can restore your bite following tooth loss, many people find that removable dentures are prone to wobbling and moving out of place.   

Partial Dentures

If you are missing several teeth, you may be a good candidate for partial dentures. The artificial teeth fit snuggly between your remaining teeth. Partial dentures rely on metal clasps to remain in place. 

Partial dentures can be easily removed and cleaned. Our board-certified prosthodontists can fabricate partial dentures that perfectly match the color and luster of your natural teeth. Many of our patients find that partial dentures are a great way to restore partial tooth loss. 

Implant-Supported Overdenture

Another option for replacing lost teeth is through the use of an implant overdenture. An implant-supported overdenture, sometimes known as a maxillary overdenture, is supported by dental implants. 

Dental implants are restorations that replace tooth roots. A doctor places the surgical-grade titanium in the jawbone. Implants provide incredible life-like stability. 

Am I A Candidate For An Overdenture?

If you have experienced significant tooth loss, you may be a great candidate for an overdenture. An overdenture can replace several missing teeth or an entire dental arch.

The main consideration when choosing an overdenture in lieu of a traditional removable denture is the intent to support the denture using your remaining natural teeth or dental implants.

To gain candidacy for an overdenture, you will need to be in good oral health. One of our prosthodontists will inspect your teeth and gums. Your dentist will need to treat any signs of tooth decay or gum disease as needed.

If you have multiple healthy teeth remaining, we can fabricate your overdenture to incorporate your natural teeth. If you have experienced complete tooth loss, you will require the placement of multiple dental implants to support your overdenture. 

Candidacy For Dental Implants

Dental implants have unique candidacy requirements. To safely place one or more implants, you need to have adequate jawbone density. Only a healthy jaw can support the titanium posts.

If you are seeking an implant-retained overdenture, one of our prosthodontists will carefully examine your jawbone. If there is insufficient jawbone mass, you may require a straightforward bone augmentation treatment. 

Placing dental implants requires oral surgery, so candidates should be in optimal oral and overall health before undergoing dental implant placement. 

Benefits Of Having An Overdenture

Whether you place the prosthetic over your natural teeth or on multiple dental implants, you can enjoy superior stability following the placement of your overdenture at Meng Dentistry.

As A Replacement For Removable Dentures

Are you tired of worrying about your removable denture wobbling or falling out of place? An overdenture provides a more secure platform for your artificial teeth.

A traditional full denture is prone to shifting out of place. This can be particularly embarrassing if you are trying to eat something hard or chewy like a steak. 

Many of our patients have come to enjoy the overdenture before and after experience that restores natural chewing function, improves speech clarity, and offers unparalleled stability. 

Our patients can enjoy further benefits by opting for implant-retained overdentures. Implants restore natural chewing function. The titanium posts allow your artificial teeth to feel and work just like natural teeth. 

As A Restorative Solution Following Tooth Loss

An overdenture provides a long-term solution to tooth loss. Have you suffered from extensive or complete tooth loss? Or, are you about to have multiple teeth extracted?

Missing teeth can leave you looking many years older than your actual age. No one wants the look of having sunken-in cheeks. Following the placement of your dentures, you can restore youthful symmetry to your face. 

Tooth loss can throw off the alignment of your jaws. This can lead to further enamel wear on your remaining teeth. Tooth loss can even cause serious jaw disorders like TMJ disorder. 

An overdenture or a pair of overdentures restores your ability to chew and speak with confidence. 

If you opt for an implant-supported overdenture, you can enjoy the benefits of the implants for the rest of your life. With proper care and regular visits for dental cleanings and checkups, you will never need to replace the implants.

What Will My Overdenture Cost?

During your consultation at Meng Dentistry, one of our dentists will explain your upfront cost. All of our plans come with no hidden costs. We will be completely transparent when explaining the costs associated with designing, fabricating, and placing an overdenture. 

The average cost of an overdenture varies widely. The price varies depending on the complexity of the case and how many additional procedures you need.

At every point during the process, we will work to deliver an overdenture that meets your personal and financial goals. We can work with your budget. We can spread the treatment costs out through low monthly payments. 

How Will My Overdenture Be Made?

When you work with the board-certified prosthodontists at Meng Dentistry, you have access to our complete in-house solutions for all of your tooth loss problems. Our team can replace one tooth, several teeth, or an entire dental arch.

We will handle every step of your overdenture fabrication process at Meng Dentistry.  

Consultation And Examination

The first step involves assessing your dental needs and personal goals through a consultation and examination at Meng Dentistry. Once your candidacy has been established, careful measurements of your teeth and gums will be taken. 


We handle the fabrication process in-house. This allows our prosthodontists to control the quality and look of your overdenture. Once your overdenture is ready, one of our prosthodontists will check the fit of the restoration. 

The process is not complete until you are 100% satisfied with the look and feel of your denture. Our advanced lab is known for creating dentures that deliver maximum function and comfort.


The first days and possibly weeks of wearing your overdenture will take some getting used to. Many of our patients notice right away how incredibly stable and natural feeling the prosthetics are. 

If your overdenture is supported by natural teeth, you will need to clean your natural teeth and gums by brushing at least twice a day and flossing regularly.

Dentures also need to be cleaned every day. How you clean your dentures depends, in part, on whether the prosthetics are removable or not.

One of our prosthodontists or a member of our team will explain the steps that are involved in cleaning dentures. Regular visits to Meng Dentistry for cleanings and exams will extend the lifespan of your denture.

Overdentures do slowly wear down over time. Eventually, you will need to replace your overdenture through a convenient visit to our dental practice. 

Special Tips for Dental Implants

With proper care, dental implants can last for a lifetime. Implants rely on healthy bone tissue to remain stable. One way that you can protect your dental implants is by cleaning them as instructed by your prosthodontist.

Avoiding trauma to the face is also important, especially during the first months after your implant is placed. While your dental implants heal, take care to avoid contact sports or activities that could result in an unexpected impact to the face.

Smoking or using any type of tobacco product can possibly lead to dental implant failure. Tobacco product use leads to lower bone density.  

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Overdentures restore your bite and facial symmetry following extensive tooth loss. If you are tired of living with a wobbly denture or untreated missing teeth, contact Meng Dental to learn about the many benefits of an overdenture. 

Our dental practice offers custom-fit overdentures that are durable and affordable. Don't put off addressing lingering issues with your bite. Contact our office today to schedule your next appointment. 


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