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Case Study 6: Implant Prostheses

The patient is a female in her early 60's who has been wearing a complete denture for nearly 40 years on her upper jaw.  She has a partial completement of teeth in her lower jaw that was supporting a removable partial denture.  She has had several replacement dentures and partial dentures fabricated in the past.  She presents wishing to recieve more servicable and esthetic prostheses.

Case Study 4: Full Mouth Reconstruction

Examination of the teeth demonstrates moderate tooth wear into the dentin (the soft part of the tooth) on some teeth.  Questioning of the patients medical and dental history reveals previous bulimia,  and presently gastric reflux and tooth clenching/grinding.  The clinical presentation of the tooth wear was consistent with this history.  In lieu of the tooth wear etiologies, the patient had experienced some minor bite collapse and slight shifting of teeth, which caused an uneven bite.

Case Study 3: Implant Prosthesis

This case demonstrates a patient who presented with a hopeless dentition due to dental decay.  The treatment provided was full mouth tooth extraction and immediate "healing dentures" at the time of the extractions, followed by  a conventional upper denture and lower removable implant retained prostheses definitively.