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Case Study 26: Esthetic Prototype Bonding

This case utilizes this temporary bonding technique so this young lady could be ready for family photos,  the final veneers were placed a year later. Significant wear had resulted from retro-clined incisors against lower porcelain crowns.  Utilizing the bonding determined only 2 teeth required treatment instead of four.

  • Enamel wear and cracking accelerates as incisal edge enamel is lost.

  • Tooth malposition accellerated wear.

  • Orthodontics was a treatment option determined unessessary by the prototype bonding.

  • Esthetic prototype bonding applied in one visit yields immediate smile improvement and protection from continued wear. Bonding in excellent condition after one year. Bleaching aided decision to only treat two teeth.

  • Conversion to porcelain laminate veneers allows for easier hygiene and a durable long term restoration.

  • A youthful change achieved with only treatment of two teeth and bleaching.