Serving all of Central and Western Montana ~ Located in Missoula


The focus of our office in recent years has shifted from a more general dentistry based office, to one that specializes in providing more comprehensive and complex restorative care.  That being said, many of our patients do require adjunctive dental treatment that we do not provide such as, orthodontics (braces), endodontics (root canals), or surgical services (extractions, implant placement, periodonal surgery), to maximize the outcomes of the restorative services that we provide.  It is our personal belief that these services our best provided by specialists in these particular areas, and we have a team of specific providers in our area that we are most comfortable with.  Because maximum treatment outcomes often require such a high level of planning, attention to detail, and execution of each step, we feel that an interdisciplinary approach with a high level of collaboration between specialists is essential.